Giving @RLC

At Resurrection, we are not shy about talking about money. Why? Because Jesus talked about money - a lot. In fact - Jesus talked more about money that he talked about faith and prayer combined! God knows and Jesus knew that there is a strong connection between our attitudes about money and the health of our faith.

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Why do we Care about Money?

We care about money because God cares. What does care about money? A good way to remember is to use the acronym ARMS. God cares about how we; 

  A: Acquire Money

R: Regard Money

M: Manage Money and

S: Spend Money

Why does God care about these things? Because at the heart of our understanding of our relationship with God, we know that "our" money is not really ours - it is God’s. We are simply managers and caretakers of what does not belong to us. 

God created us, God created our talents and abilities, God created our jobs and gifted us with the time and energy to do our jobs. Basically - everything we have is God's and what we do with God’s stuff should be pleasing to God and give glory (show others what God is like) to God.

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Our Mission - the Reason we are Here

Our mission - the reason that we are here - is not just to be a historical institution. We are not a cultural weigh-station where people who have a common ancestry can be nostalgic for a bygone time in history. We are here to make a difference in the lives of people - @RLC - that is the goal of every ministry

that is what the dollars that are given to RLC accomplish!

Through the collected gifts that individuals and families place in the offering plate during our worship service, untold numbers of lives have been transformed, people have been touched and burdens have been lightened. RLC does great things with the financial gifts entrusted to us.

At Resurrection - we like to make sure that folks who want to support our mission and ministry can do so in ways that are convenient and meaningful for them. You can always place your offering in the plate on Sunday morning. You can also use our online giving tools by CLICKING HERE. Finally, we have a giving Kiosk featuring Square in the fellowship hall to make your gift using any major credit or debit card.

Blessed to be a Blessing...

We believe that God calls us to give 10% of all that we have to God’s work in and through the family of faith that we belong to. Basically, we get 90% and God gets 10%. That is our tithe. We also give gifts which are specific offerings given above and beyond our tithe.

At RLC we tithe (give 10%) of every dollar received in our offering to benevolent ministries outside our walls - it is one of the ways we strive to make a difference in our community. Currently that totals about $55,000. Above that, we also have many specific offerings that raise the total we give away to over $100,000.  We also have many opportunities offered through our Community Ministry Team to get involved in the life of the community - touching people's lives in the name of Jesus.

We invite all those who call Resurrection home to partner with us as we do God’s work in this place. Your tithes and gifts support the ongoing ministry of RLC, support our mission, provide essential programs for people of all ages.

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