Who we are

Resurrection is comprised of people just like you. People who are dedicated to following Jesus Christ; to be His presence in our community and to do & love what Jesus would. We believe that God's love for all of creation is so powerful, that God gave Jesus to the world so that all might live new and transformed lives.

The folks of Resurrection represent all walks of life, we come from different pasts and we all have our individual hurts, hang-ups and habits. Yet we gather together to Rejoice in worship taking time to care for the first and most foundational relationship we have, we are Renewed in community - taking time to deepen our discipleship and we  Reach Out in service to those God has called us to serve. 

From all of the differences - God continues to form one family here for the purpose of being the physical presence of God is in this place and work to change lives for the better through the love of Jesus.


The message that we share is simple and it is profound. The relationship that we have with the God that created us is a relationship that should have a positive impact on our daily life. God has made a difference in our lives and we want to make a difference in the lives we have the honor to touch.

  We believe that God has called us into a relationship with Jesus and the community of believers and that takes place in the midst of our day-to-day lives. We all come "as we are" and "as God created us" and we celebrate our diversity and our commonality. We share the victories of life and the defeats, the ups and the downs, the times to cry and the times to laugh. All that life offers us - we share with one another.


Our hope and goal is that everyone who joins us on our journey would be able to say that they had an experience of God among us and that whatever we did together, it helped with living life in the real world. We strive to be real - to be relevant - to be relational

The message is simple: God loves you more than you can possible know in this life. God wants nothing more for you than you might live a joy filled life - the life you were created to live - a life of meaning, purpose and value. If you want to talk more about the Resurrection family and what a relationship with God means for your day-to-day life, Pastor Keys would love to spend some time with you. You can reach Pastor Mike by email: PASTOR MIKE or by phone: 503.255.8772.