Weddings @RLC

Congratulations! -- both on your decision to marry and on your desire to ask God to bless your relationship with a ceremony designed to reflect the heart of your commitment to one another. 

It is our prayer that the pastor and staff of Resurrection may assist you in creating a wedding which best helps you to celebrate your love and commitment on this wonderful occasion. 

We hope that the wedding ceremony you create will enable you to celebrate God's abundant blessing and to communicate this to all who gather with you on this festive day.


If you would like to schedule a wedding or simply have someone contact you - feel free to use our online connection card to send your request for information. CLICK HERE


Your Wedding

While "membership" is not a requirement in order to have your wedding at Resurrection, we sincerely hope that any couple that chooses to have their wedding in the church would also desire to ask Jesus to be a part of their married life. This includes a commitment to participate in the life of the church and desire to grow in and deepen one's relationship with Jesus. Resurrection offers a wonderful and reverent location for your wedding. While Resurrection is open for anyone to celebrate their wedding here, Resurrection is not a "wedding chapel." Couples desiring to exchange their vows of marriage at Resurrection are asking for the presence of Christ in their wedding and in their relationship. Pre-Marital counseling and a time of planning proceed all weddings celebrated at Resurrection. 

  All weddings celebrated at Resurrection Lutheran Church are officiated by the Pastors who are called to serve the Resurrection community. Under normal circumstances, our Lead Pastor, is the officiant for all weddings held at Resurrection. If the couple has another clergy person that they would like to participate, our Pastor is completely willing to accommodate the couples' wishes.

Weddings at Resurrection are arranged by calling the church office at 503.255.8772 or by sending Kym an e-mail at Please make sure that you contact Kym Tangen, our parish administrator, first as she keeps the schedule for the use of the sanctuary.

There are fees associated with a wedding at Resurrection & there are policies that cover how weddings are to be conducted in the Christian atmosphere of the Church, so be sure to contact the RLC office for the most up-to-date information. The sanctuary is not "reserved" until the required paperwork and deposits are received in our office. Kim will then will put you in contact with Pastor O'Berg & Resurrection's Wedding Coordinator, Dixie Antle - and they will see you through the process.