Growing Spiritually

Here are some resources to help you nurture your relationship with God. Most of these disciplines are ridiculously simple. The challenge is actually doing them and sticking with them. 

We often post resources here that are referred to in Sermons and Bible Studies...

Bible Study Opportunities

Bible Study: At Resurrection, we have several weekly opportunities to engage in Bible study.  We strive to understand what the Bible says in the context in which it was written and what it is saying to us today.  We do not impose our modern day understandings upon Scripture, but endeavor to allow Scripture to speak to us, guide us and challenge us to be more dedicated followers and disciples of Jesus.  If you don't find a current group that meets your needs - let us know and we will do all we can to provide study opportunities that serve your needs (EMAIL)

  • Mens Monday Morning Manna - Mondays @ 7:00 am in Luther Lodge
  • Tuesday Morning Bible Study - Tuesdays @ 9:45 am in the Library
  • Wonderful Wednesday - Two Study times at Noon and 6:30 pm
  • Joy Circle Women's Bible Study - Third Wednesday of the Month @ 10 am in the Luther Lodge

Devotional Resources


Our pastor and staff invite you to join them in using “In the Meantime” as a daily devotional. It is written by Dr. David Lose, Professor of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary and is found at


Every Sunday there are resources that you can take with you based on Sunday's Sermon and Teaching theme. They are useful for small group discussions, personal and family devotions. They are located at the Information Center in the Fellowship Hall. If you have questions or suggestions for other materials - contact Pr. Mike. EMAIL or you can reach him at the office (503.255.8772)

Prayer & Meditation

The explanation of the following prayer practices is meant to be a guide, not a rulebook. The best way to understand prayer is to pray. The best way to know God is to spend time with God. There are many ways to pray. Here are some ways to pray that have been around for a long time. Try them out, experiment, explore. There is no wrong way to pray. God loves you and wants to be in relationship with you. Here are some ways to deepen your relationship with God.

Audio Guided Meditation with Pastor Clair Cassell (Pastor of Spiritual Care at Prince of Peace Lutheran)  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the MP3 File


Daniel Wolpert’s Creating a Life with God

Richard Foster’s In Celebration of Discipline

Henri Nouwen’s Out of Solitude, Can You Drink the Cup and Life of the Beloved

Video : Centering Prayer Introduction with Father Thomas Keating


The Daily Examen

Rummaging for God (recommended article on the Daily Examen)

Breathing Prayer


Pray as You Go: This is a beautiful resource for engaging in daily Lectio Divina, or sacred reading of Scripture. It incorporates music, reading of Scripture and questions for prayer and reflection. This resource is available for Android and as an iTunes podcast.

Headspace: This is a secular app that I use regularly and absolutely love. It incorporates the basic principles of meditation which have roots in Christian tradition. Using this resource regularly can help you develop a sense of calm, clarity and peace. It’s available for Android and iPhone. The first 10 days are free, beyond that it’s a paid subscription service.

BrainWave:  This is a nice little app that only costs $2.99. It pairs relaxing Ambient Background Sounds, Gentle Alarms and iTunes Music Integration for Sleep, Focus, Energy, Memory, Meditation and More. This is not specifically Christian focused - however - it helps with relaxation and focus which will aid you in your study of Scripture and prayer.