First time @RLC

We welcome everyone who gathers with us for Worship! Some are first time guests - some are long time members; some are seeking a new relationship with God - some are mature in their faith. However, all of us long to be reminded that we are loved by God. 

God graciously meets us in this time of worship and it is the Holy Spirit that makes possible our prayerful, musical worship. God's work of shaping lives for serving others is begun anew among us each and every time we gather. 

For a map of our Campus - CLICK HERE

• Everyone is encouraged to fill out one of the Connection Cards that are located in the racks attached to the back of the pews in the worship space. Fill free to place this in the offering plate as it comes by.


If you would like to use our Online Connection Card - you are invited to CLICK HERE


As a guest with us - please feel no obligation to give financially at the time of the offering. If you choose to belss us with a gift, we will graciously and thankfully accept it. However, the Spiritual Practice of the offering is the time when those who call RLC their home support our mission and ministries through their joyous tithes and gifts. As our guest, you have already blessed us with the greatest gift you could by spending your time with us.

• If this is your first Sunday with us, please make sure to stop by our visitor's center. There you will find information about our family of faith, the ministries and programs of RLC and a special gift for you to remember your time with us.

Childcare is provided in our nursery. The nursery is located down the north hall (past the restrooms) and to the LEFT where you will find friendly and helpful childcare providers. Childcare is available for our Sunday Worship Services as well as the entirety of the Wonderful Wednesday Program. Children's Bulletins, activity packs and Kids Church are also available (please see an usher for a special bulletin) 

• Holy Communion We celebrate the real presence of Jesus in, with and under the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (also known as Holy Communion, the Eucharist, Breaking of Bread, the Sacrament of the Altar) at all our worship gatherings. Everyone (and we really mean that) is welcome to share in this holy meal with us - regardless of age, faith background or denominational history. For more information about Holy Communion @RLC - Check out our FAQ page

Our Lutheran Christian heritage is filled with statements of faith and orders of worship which may or may not be familiar to you. If you are unfamiliar with the order of worship on the day you visit - relax and let the assembly carry you along. What brings us all to worship are some basic acknowledgements that life is difficult, God is good, and we need each other. 

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You are WELCOME here. For more information about our worship services....CLICK HERE