Wonderful Wednesday

Will resume September 2017

5:45 pm - 7:30pm (sometimes 7:45)

[meeting in the Fellowship Hall]

@ 5:45 pm   |  Community Meal

@ 6:15 pm  |  Small Groups

Kids Klub (preschool - 5th grade)  | Middle School Youth Group  |  High School Youth Group

Adult Choir (Bell Choir meets on Tuesday @ 6:30)   | Adult Course: "Unity in the Body of Christ" 

@ 7:30 - 7:45 pm  | Homeward Bound

Map of the Campus

Wednesday during Lent

Worship service @ 6:15PM

Wonderful Wednesday

note: Wonderful Wednesday will resume in September of 2017

Wonderful Wednesday is Resurrection's all-family mid-week program.  

Wonderful Wednesday stresses the "Renew" portion of our mission statement - 

@ RLC we strive to be constantly renewed by deepening our Discipleship through fellowship, study & service.  We desire to deepen and strengthen the connections within this community so that we can intentionally reach out to others, inviting them to become part of a healthy and growing community.

Join in every Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday begins @ 5:45pm with a community meal...Everyone is invited to come and sit around tables, renew friendships & make new ones.  

We gather, we share and we grow closer together as a family, surrounded

by good food and good company.  

There is no charge for the WW meal, however we do ask folks to help us offset the cost of the food by donating at least $2/person ($5/family) 

For $45 you can Sponsor an entire meal.

Square© will be available for those wishing to use credit/debit cards.

At 6:30pm we break up into small groups.  

  • Bible Study.  (Meeting in the Library - MAP).  This class is designed for post confirmation age.
  • Resurrection Choir (Worship Center - MAP)
  • Kidz Klub (pre-k-5th grade) (Multi-Purpose Room - MAP)
  • G.I.F.T (Growing in Faith Together).  This is a confirmation course but is open to all youth.  Refuge (MAP)

The evening comes to a close at 7:30pm (some groups will extend to 7:45pm).

Make sure to make Wednesdays @ RLC a part of your weekly schedule!! 

For more information, contact

• RLC's Minister of Youth and Family Discipleship, Troy Lutz