WELCOME TO resurrection!!


Sundays 9:30 am (Contemporary)  & 11:00 am (Traditional)

If you are looking for a church home or you are just looking, we are glad that you visited to check out our little slice of the world wide web. 

Whatever  reason brings you here today - we believe that you have been led here by the Spirit!  


Resurrection is filled with folks just like you. As a committed, connected and caring  community we:

  • ask the same questions, 
  • struggle with the same challenges & 
  • celebrate the same joys. 

We are united in our desire to grow closer to God, to each other and to be a part of something purposeful within the community. 

We are open and welcome to all people who desire to join us on this journey of faith and  discovery - exploring what a real, vital and growing relationship with God means for our everyday lives


Blessing of the Animals

August 8

10:30 am @ the RLC Parking Lot

Bring your pets for a spacial blessing...pictures and stuffed animals are great stand ins for pets that don't play will w/others.

@Resurreciton, there is a place for you

Whether your tastes are very traditional or very contemporary;

@Resurrection - there is a place for you

If you are seeking meaning, purpose and value in your life - if you have questions about life that are too deep for facebook or twitter to really answer; 

@Resurrection - there is a place for you among friends. 

If you are looking for a place where you can where you can put your faith into action;

@Resurrection, there is a place for you...

Welcome to Resurrection Lutheran Church - the "Church that makes a Difference!" 

there is a place for you here... 

1700 NE 132nd Ave • Portland • OR • 97230

Email: rlcpdxoffice@rlcpdx.org

ph: 503.255.8772

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